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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Luxury on a Budget part 2

In my previous blog, I defined "luxury" as the perfect blend of comfort, glamor, and excitement in your home. My four KEYS to ""luxury on a budget" were FUNCTION, LAYERING, SMART SHOPPING, and an OVERALL PLAN. I would like to address the last two keys of "shopping" and "planning". These two items should be synonymous with each other, but they hardly ever are. A big mistakes that non-professionals make is shopping for the sake of shopping. When you do this, you end up with an abundance of disparate items that offer no cohesion in your space. This concept is especially important when you are shopping on a tight budget. You want your home to scream "Bohemian Glamor" and not "Bargain Basement". Without a plan, even the most exquisite and expensive items can look uninteresting and out of place. A plan helps you to figure out the relationship your furnishings have with each other and the space according to SCALE, PLACEMENT, AND COLOR STORY. After you have made a furniture plan, tape the outline of the pieces on the floor. This will give you an accurate idea of the size and scale of the pieces you need to buy. You should also measure paths and door openings to make sure that the piece can get into the space it is supposed to reside. You should always bring these measurements with you when you go shopping, because even the most well trained eye can make a mistake. Another item to take shopping is your budget breakdown so that you do not overspend on an item. If you fall in love with a piece that that exceeds your budget by a reasonable amount, you can crunch the numbers on other items to make up the difference. Every splurge should be followed by a sacrifice. I am not saying that you should sacrifice on QUALITY. You can find incredible bargains at many thrift and second-hand stores on well made vintage and antique pieces. If you have a talent for refinishing, then your options are endless. Craigslist is also an incredible resource for one-of a-kind treasures at astonishing prices. If you are purchasing new pieces, do your research on line before you buy. is a great resource for product reviews and comparison shopping. When you are scouting furniture and accessories for your home, always remember to "be prepared!" Save your impulse buying for the grocery store. If all of this planning makes your head spin, you might consider hiring a professional designer.

Our friend and client, Jackie Beat, recently wrote an article about luxury in Frontiers magazine. Jackie knows how to smart shop on a budget and it shows in his lovely home pictured above. You can view Jackie's article with the following link:

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