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Friday, October 2, 2009

The FUTURUSTIC is here

The coffee table pictured above may look like a design collaboration between Pierre Cardin and The Swiss Family Robinson, but it is actually a modern, eco-friendly piece designed and manufactured by Iannone Designs. This table is an excellent example of an object that is FUTURISTIC. The Urban Dictionary states the definition as, "A building, product or object that appears both 'futuristic', yet also 'rustic', by combining new technologies and traditional materials, building methods/production techniques." I had been using this term long before I ran across it in the Urban Dictionary. I like to go even further to include the "future" in FUTURUSTIC. This would be combining spage age, atomic and mod elements with rustic. This combination became very popular in the 1950's and reached its peak in the 1970's. When we were designing Jane Weidlin's fireplace wall and mantle, we were inspired by the rock and stone fireplace surrounds that were used a lot in mid-century modern decor. We chose to use black, polished river rock to cover part of the fireplace and to use a slab of pine for the mantl. Since we wanted to see the grain and also create a glossy, modern finish, we brushed varathane over the black stained wood. Once the silver glitter grout was added to the river rock by the talented gals at Skellramics, we had created that delicate balance between futuristic and rustic. Opposites can definitely attract and look fabulous in your home. Don't be afraid to come up with a style combination that is all your own.

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